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Welcome back to the KU Sunday Spotlight, brought to you by KU Book Reviews + the One-Click Addict Support Group. This week, we’re bringing you a Buy It and a Read It to add to your TBR—two fabulous stories from two favorite authors. Enjoy!


Full disclosure: I love this book and this author, but know that I don’t love this book because of this author. My love affair started many months ago with Dylan Allen’s debut novel, Rise, and only grew as I got to know her and then had the chance to read Remember.

Remember Ebook Cover

I’d fallen in love with the stunning cover of Rise, but my ARC list was too long to take on another book. Then, a fellow KUbbie messaged me that I had to read it and that she was already on her second read through—it was that good. So I made it work. I got it into my schedule and immediately fell in love with the world of Dylan’s creation. A family—three sisters, one mother, and a father that ran away for unknown reasons.

In Rise, we learn the story of the youngest sister, Addie. Remember brings us Milly’s story. And while I loved Rise, I found myself falling even deeper with Remember. Why? I think for me, Milly was more relatable—a bit older, a failed marriage and the promise of a new relationship. Enter Dean. *sigh*

Dean + Milly were high school sweethearts, but after her father’s disappearance and related trauma in Dean’s life, the two lose touch; Dean feeling betrayed, Milly just trying to pick up the pieces. When they meet again years later, sparks truly fly.

I absolutely adored the relationship between these two. And I’m a sucker for second-chance romances. Especially when the foundation is strong, even if temporarily shattered. When the bond is unbreakable and their destiny is almost written in the stars. Flashbacks to their high school days give us a beautiful glimpse of the way these two began and watching them discover each other anew is a story I could read over and over again.

But if you think Remember is only about the romance, just wait until you get to the end. Prepare to have your mind blown! Yes, I’m a tease, but I know you didn’t think I’d give even an inkling away, did you? Not a chance! Go experience every curve, dip and peak on this roller coaster ride for yourself! Enjoy!


My best friend’s little sister is all grown up. And I want her.

Sweet Torment Ebook Cover

There are all kinds of romance books—deep and dark, angsty and angry, sweet and soft. Sweet Torment by Georgia Cates falls into one of my favorite categories.

Quick and dirty.

Also, sexy and seductive. It’s a fast, HOT read with a touch of taboo and a whole lot of tension. And I really enjoyed reading it.

I’ve loved everything I have read by Ms. Cates; she has a way of writing that feels almost visceral, like you can experience what’s happening along with the characters. And though Sweet Torment isn’t as involved or serious or lengthy as her other titles, the same applies. Bram + Claudia make you feel—even if the overwhelming emotion is lust.

And oh, yes. There is lust. A slow-burning, tormenting tension that’s born of lust and grows into an incredibly sweet and rewarding love. It’s a love that *comes* with a healthy dose of OTT Alpha possession and naïve virginal adoration, and sometimes, that’s exactly the kind of romance a girl needs to get off… on reading. You perverts.

It’s her face I see every time I close my eyes. It’s her lips I long to kiss. It’s her touch I crave. She is the tangible beat of my heart and air in my lungs.

As of 06.04.2017, Remember, Rise and Sweet Torment are available on Kindle Unlimited.

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