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Good morning, and welcome back to the KU Sunday Spotlight, brought to you by KU Book Reviews + the One-Click Addict Support Group. This week, we have two fabulous Buy Its to add to your TBR—books that will make you laugh-out-loud and fall in love. What a combo!


I started KU Book Reviews because there wasn’t another KU blog out there and I wanted to create a source of great KU recs. I never imagined it would grow into KU Korner and become a daily source for me to find the best books. Case in point—Sex Ed by ZB Heller.


In last week’s 5-Star Sunday, a fellow KUbbie mentioned Sex Ed and how much it made her laugh. I love M/M, which it is, and I was definitely in the mood for a laugh-out-loud book, so I dove right in. Do you ever have those moments when a rec lives up perfectly to your expectations? Or exceeds them? That was Sex Ed for me.

The story of Jaxson + Tyler, Sex Ed is funny and heartfelt, quirky and sweet. Jaxson is a 20-something comic book nerd and Tyler is a nurse. They meet under unusual circumstances that you have to read to believe, but you immediately fall in love with these two. You just can’t help it. They each possess so many of the great qualities one looks for in a person—kind, smart, humble, funny, loyal, and it doesn’t hurt that they’re both hot.

Aside from Jaxson + Tyler, we are joined by many, many family members and friends as well as co-workers. All of which play a very big role in their lives. These are not simply some peripheral characters—they’re almost, if not entirely, just as important as our leads. Truly, this book wouldn’t be the same without them. Over-the-top for some perhaps, but for me, they were just right and I wouldn’t have wanted them any other way.

If you’re looking for an entertaining story about a wonderful couple and a whole host of characters to fall in love with, Sex Ed is your book.


He smelled good, oh so good. Fresh and musky. Clean and manly.
“Danielle,” he whispered. “I’m not crack. Stop snorting and sniffing me.”

Speaking of snorting… I may have done some (read: a lot) of that while reading this book. *Shrugs* What can I say? Plight was simply my kind of funny. Maybe it’s an Australian thing, or maybe K.M. Golland is straight-up hilarious—either way, the humor was just one of the things about this book that worked for me.

Plight Ebook Cover

Funny story, before I continue: I didn’t mean to read this book. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I downloaded it excitedly, because come on, a Cheezel* engagement? YES, PLEASE. But I actually intended to read and review another book for this week’s Spotlight. So, how did we end up here? My Kindle had some kind of shit-fit, and opened the wrong book. Don’t ask me how; it involved lots of cursing. Anyway, long story short, it worked out GREAT because Plight was actually the right book.

How could it not be right? I already mentioned that it was funny. Seriously, laugh-out-loud, snorting, clapping funny. But it was also sweet. Fast-paced, engaging and feel good. And, as a bonus, set in my hometown of Melbourne, with Danielle and her awesome BFF, Chris involved with my footy team. (Carn the Bombers! Can Chris get a book, please? I’d read the fuck outta that book.)

I digress. The very best thing about this book was the simple notion that your first, innocent love can be your forever love. Elliot + Danielle are adorable together, and though I had minor concerns about timelining and the quick wrap-up, my overall emotion when I closed this book was happiness. Snort laughter and sweet love will leave a girl feeling that way. Which is why, to me, Plight is a book not to be missed.

I was her Cheezel and she was mine.

*Cheezels are a delicious Australian snack that, like Burger Rings, can and should be worn on your finger as part of consumption. Also, I’m craving them now.

As of 06.11.2017, Sex Ed and Plight are available on Kindle Unlimited.


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