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Happy Sunday Spotlight Day, bookworms!! That’s right, thanks to KU Book Reviews + the One-Click Addict Support Group, the Spotlight is back for another EPIC week. Get those one-click fingers warmed up, because today we’re bringing you not one, but TWO Buy Its. Enjoy!


Ok, first things first. If you like MM and you haven’t read Try by Ella Frank, drop what you’re reading and download it now. Interesting? Undoubtedly. Well-written? Without question. Hot? Sizzling.


Let’s dwell on that last one a bit longer, shall we? Try is the story of Logan + Tate. Logan, a bi-sexual, unrelenting, smart, sarcastic man, and Tate, a more sensitive, more guarded straight man. Both sexy. Both quick witted. Both undeniably attracted to the other. And when they come together? Seriously combustible.

I was so engrossed in this book, I downloaded the audio so I didn’t have to put it down while I was getting ready in the morning or on my drive to work. That’s how much I wanted to keep reading it. And let me just say—that audio?! No. Freaking. Words. Hot doesn’t even remotely capture the narrator’s interpretation.

Phew, ok. Back to the story. One thing that stood out to me—and I don’t think it’s a spoiler in any way—is that the majority of Logan + Tate’s connection comes from physically connecting. There really isn’t as much dialogue {besides verbal sparring} and getting to know each other on a deeply emotional level, which at first I found really interesting {in an odd, sort of, “Hm, I’m so used to romance novels delving so deeply into the emotional, verbal connection between the main characters” way} and then it made me think of something I learned when I was seeing a therapist years ago with my now ex-husband:

For women, we feel more connected when we talk to our partners. For men, they feel more connected through the act of sex. When we’re feeling disconnected, we don’t want to have {as much} sex; at least not with our partner, regardless of our sex drive, which subsequently makes them feel less connected. Which really only made me think that Ella Frank really, really understands the male psyche.

Throwing all of that out the window, I can’t recommend this book enough. And I personally can’t wait to read the rest of the series.


“I love Taco Bell because of you, which is saying a fucking lot because it’s not good for you, and we all know it’s not a hundred percent beef.”

Funny. Feelsy. Freakin’ hot AF. ← The Last Guy summed up in four-ish words. (Is AF a word? Half a word? Two words? Who cares! BUY. THIS. BOOK.)


You guys, I absolutely, positively loved The Last Guy. From start to finish. Go to whoa. Beginning to end. It was hilarious and sexy and light-hearted. A total and utter a blast to read—and yet, it still packed a punch. Which, really, I should have known. I’ve read and loved Tia Louise in the past, and have heard nothing but the best things about Ilsa Madden-Mills. And here, they’re writing together. Smoothly. Smartly. Sexily.

If it seems like I’m just spouting a thesaurus at you, it’s because I’m pretty sure Cade + Rebecca stole my brainpower. They were the best. I loved their initial snarky banter, that enemies-to-lovers feel that turned into more of a whoa, where did this guy come from? vibe. I loved their chemistry on the dance floor, how they held (or didn’t hold, as the case may be) their Fireball, and their irresistible urge to pounce each other—and the story.

Why wouldn’t they pounce each other? Cade is an ex-NFL star, a yummy dreamboat in Armani, while Stone is intelligent, curvy and, err, slightly prone to unfortunate moments. Together, they’re perfect.

Much like this book. Maybe I should have led with that? Nah, I’ll end with it instead…

PERFECT. ← The Last Guy summed up in one single word.

If God had wanted us to run this early in the morning, he wouldn’t have invented pancakes.

NB: Writing this review while hungry *may* be the reason I chose food-related quotes… or perhaps it’s just because these lines made me giggle like a fool. Either way, enjoy them. They’re just a taste of the deliciousness that is this book.

As of 06.18.2017, Try and The Last Guy are available with Kindle Unlimited.

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