Edge of Regret by Molly E. Lee


Do you have a favorite series and you count the days until the next release?  For me, it’s the Love on the Edge series by Molly E. Lee. It is a series completely unlike the other books that I read in the sense that it’s adventure romance. It brings back memories of my51key7-kZLL favorite childhood movies like Twister, Indiana Jones and Romancing the Stone. I love that Molly can deliver an action-packed story along with a great tale of love.

We first met Wade in Edge of Brotherhood and I was instantly drawn to this witty stunt man whose personality was magnetic—yet you knew he had a story to tell and with Edge of Regret (Love on the Edge Book 7) we finally learn it. Wade is everything I love in my leading men. He is a funny, take-charge guy who has made it his mission in life to not let himself be hurt again, but he uses humor to mask his pain. Molly has written some of my favorite leading men, but the vulnerability in Wade and the way he protects Mackenzie had me falling for him right away. Over and over again, he tells her, “I’ve got you.” Something so simple, yet means so much to both of them.

The biggest thing to take note of in this story is the role-reversal compared to most other stories in the genre. Mackenzie left Wade to pursue a dangerous career and came back as a shell of the person she was before. It’s so common to see a man go off to war in a story and come back damaged, but in this story Mackenzie has seen and done things that will always haunt her.  She is broken and damaged, but pushes on to honor her friends. Only Wade and his unwavering love can help her to see the light at the end of the very long tunnel.

This second-chance romance has the excitement and action that all of Molly’s books have. It also gives us two very vulnerable characters who find their way back to each other and, in turn, heal each other. And last, but not least, I love the bromance that Wade has with each Edge man as well as with Casey. The special bond these men have with each other helps to make Wade the awesome book boyfriend that he is. Spend a summer day reading by the pool and go on an Edge adventure. Wade + Mackenzie won’t disappoint you.

As of 6.22.17, Edge of Regret and the entire Love on the Edge series is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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