Sinful Temptation by London Hale


This wild, unfettered response to my body and my words. This was my heaven. This was my home.
This was everything I had ever wanted.

Sometimes, I like to peruse the Romance categories on Amazon.
Sometimes, I like to click through the Kindle Unlimited catalogue.
And sometimes, I go to my favorite author pages to look at the Customers Also Bought Items By section, and just click on name after name after name, looking to see what’s out there.


Last night, I found myself doing exactly that, pondering what read to snap up next, when I landed on Brighton Walsh’s page. I love her Reluctant Hearts series, and though they aren’t in KU {you should still read them, FYI}, I was reminded that she recently started writing under a pen name with a friend.

London Hale is the pen name. Ellis Leigh is the friend. And Sinful Temptation is just one of their books. There’s just something about the idea of a pastor finding love with a sex-shop owner that appealed to me…

And it should appeal to you too. Because this book is H.O.T. HOT. Yes, all shouty caps, all the time. Noah + Harper are fire and brimstone, sin wrapped in temptation, and so damn fun. A quick and dirty read, this one has sex and story in nearly equal measure, and it’s a great introduction to the Temperance Falls series, which currently has two trilogies featuring taboo relationships—the Selling Sin series, of which Sinful Temptation is the first, and the Experience Counts series.

I have to say, I am now really looking forward to reading these other books by London Hale. Not just because they have shouty caps level heat, but because the writing is smart and seemless, and the stories are flirty with a message.

But also because sometimes it’s fun to explore the possibilities, whether than means finding new books… or hooking up with a man of God.

A hookup. With the pastor.
Well, at least Grandma would be happy because I’d definitely come closer to Jesus.

As of 06.27.2017, Sinful Temptation and the Temperance Falls series, Selling Sin + Experience Counts, are available with Kindle Unlimited.


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