Dirty Daddies by Jade West


Two older men. One young girl-woman. Can you then describe that dynamic as sweet and truly mean it? Yes, you can. If you’re talking about Dirty Daddies by Jade West, you most certainly can.

Dirty Daddies is the story of Carrie + Michael + Jack. Carrie, a beautiful, troubled girl with the heart of a gypsy who’s been shuttled through the foster world for much of her life. Days from turning eighteen, unwelcome at her current home and51Sz43NNPkL all alone in the world, Carrie is at a crossroads. Michael, her social worker of the past five months, is an altruistic, gentle soul who is deeply committed to his work and helping the children whose cases he’s charged with managing. Carrie is one of those cases—but oh, so much more. And Jack, Michael’s best friend since childhood. A successful, no nonsense, dominating man who reluctantly has become Carrie’s temporary host.

I think it’s important to share that I’m not typically a fan of the Daddy Dom trope. I have plenty of friends that love it—it’s just never been my thing. But I AM a huge Jade West fan {I still to this day recommend Sugar Daddies almost weekly} and I wanted to check it out. This was unlike any other DD book I’d sampled {truth is, I’ve DNF’d a few} before. It was honest and heartfelt. It recognized and acknowledged how left of center it all was. It touched on the psychology of it and how each person involved really felt. Seeing their struggle with the dynamic, yet finding how it fulfilled each of their needs gave me an entirely different perspective on all of it—and I loved it!

I shouldn’t be surprised though. Jade West has a way of writing some of the dirtiest scenes, yet some with the most heart. In both Sugar Daddies and Bang Gang, she does both in spades. I can’t say I would go out and pick up any other DD book, but I will be checking out her other one, Call Me Daddy. If my experience with her books thus far is anything to go by, I’ll likely love it as well.

As of 7.04.17, Dirty Daddies is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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