Sex Symbol by Laurelin Paige


Laurelin Paige has yet to write a book that I don’t love! She writes some of the most memorable characters and for me, it’s because they are so well-developed. I fall in love with her men and I want the girls to be my best friend. Sex Symbol was everything I love about a second-chance romance!

Sex Symbol is the story of Micah Preston + Maddie Bauer. When they met seven years sex-symbolago, Micah had yet to hit it big and Maddie was just finishing up school. Timing was not on their side. When Micah + Maddie reconnect on a movie set they’re working on, the sparks fly and passions that were once ignored come back with a vengeance.

One of my favorite things about Laurelin’s men is that while we initially see all of their issues, those seem to melt away and we fall madly in love with them. Micah walked away from Maddie the first time, and still continues to push her away with his preconceived notion of “Hollywood love.” He doesn’t want to give them a chance, even though he has never felt more connected to a woman. I found myself yelling at him and then watching him grow and fall in love—I completely fell for Micah!

Maddie is one of those characters that you know could be your best friend if she existed in real life. She is a strong girl that knows what she wants. She has been battered and bruised, but never gives up. The trait I loved most about her is that she knows what she wants and deserves from a man, and isn’t willing to settle for anything less. I felt for her and felt connected to her. I cried with Maddie when times were rocky and cheered for her as things began to look up.

If you are looking for a read with a hot Hollywood actor and the girl who got away, check out Sex Symbol. You won’t be disappointed! I couldn’t put it down!

Note: this book was previously published under the title, Take Two.

As of 7.7.17, Sex Symbol is available on Kindle Unlimited.


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