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Welcome back to the KU Sunday Spotlight, brought to you by KU Book Reviews + the One-Click Addict Support Group. This week, we’re bringing you a Buy It and a Read It to add to your TBR—two fabulous stories from two wonderful authors. Enjoy!

RATING: BUY IT {Mila} – 

I remembered reading Lucy Score in the past and loving her words, but until today, in writing this review, didn’t realize why I hadn’t read her again until now. {Regret, party of51ZCGFZagzL one!}

Back in November of 2015, I came across a book by Lucy Score called Pretend You’re Mine. It was a beautiful story about a fake-romance-turned-real and I immediately finished that and jumped into, what I now realize, was her only other novel available at the time, Undercover Love. She then started publishing her Blue Moon series in 2016, but those have all been reviewed here on the blog by Christine, which for better or for worse {worse in this case}, means I never got around to reading them. We each, me, Christine and Beth, tend to have our own authors that we’ve pretty much called dibs on, and Lucy is firmly in Christine’s camp. So, when her newest novel, Mr. Fixer Upper, came out and Christine said I could review it, I jumped at the chance. It probably didn’t hurt that I was in a MAJOR book funk and Christine, having already read Mr. Fixer Upper just knew it would be the right book to kick me out of that slump. And she was right. {Thanks, Christine!}

Lucy Score is an extremely talented storyteller. She gives each of her characters so much depth, but it never feels heavy. It actually feels the opposite—light, fun, carefree even—and that is quite a feat. We get to know their thoughts—not always so easy when told in the third person—what makes them tick, what drives them and their dreams. We also get to know those around them in a way that is integral and not merely peripheral. And, there’s always more to the story than one expects. Something interesting, something that makes you think. And for me, that “something” makes her novels all the more special.

I know I haven’t touched on Mr. Fixer Upper and on Gannon + Paige, but I found myself around 30% in the book and it was already taking turns I didn’t see coming, having only read the blurb. I really appreciated that experience as a reader, so I don’t want to delve into too much of the detail and spoil that for you. I can absolutely tell you that Gannon is sexy, smart and loyal and knows how to push all of the right buttons. Frankly, he’s the perfect BBF. And Paige has all of the qualities I love in a female lead—smart, loyal, funny, tenacious and ambitious. As far as couples go, these two have it all.

I really can’t recommend this book enough. Now I just need to take Christine’s and everybody else’s advice, and go read her Blue Moon series. Trust me—I’m on it!


She’s mine. 
Mine to look after, reward, teach, and punish. 

51JjdI70TcLLook, I’ll be honest, I don’t typically go for Daddy books. I mean, it’s not that I dislike it—it’s simply not my particular brand of kink. But once I saw the description for His Temptation by Amber Bardan, I decided I *had* to read it.

Grouchy, grumpy, gruff ex-baseball star + overworked, sweet dog-walker, who likes to call him Daddy = a book that made me HOT.

Guys, there’s just something so… engaging about the way Clay + Katie play. Theirs is one hella sexy book. Quick and dirty, with enough story to tantalize, His Temptation butted up against my boundaries and made me wanna give Daddies a second, third and maybe fourth glance.

Actually, since this is part of a standalone series of six books by six authors, maybe I want to give these Daddies a sixth chance. And if you’re like me—someone who’s never particularly been turned on or off by Daddy Kink, instead falling somewhere in the middle—then I suggest this particular book as the place to start. It’s an excellent read you won’t regret taking a chance on, and one I’m glad I *had* to read…

“It’s my honor when you let me take care of you.” He looks away, and his voice gets rougher. “It makes me feel like the strongest man in the world.”

As of 07.09.17, Mr. Fixer Upper and His Temptation are available on Kindle Unlimited.

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