Holden by Julia Sykes & Save Me, Daddy by Jess Bentley

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“Your submission is a beautiful gift, and I never want you to feel uncomfortable with me. I’ll never judge you. You can trust me.”—Holden

I’m doing things a little differently this week—in more ways than one. Because, instead of just one book, I want to share with you two books that were picked for me and not by me.

Those books are Holden: Dark Grove Plantation by Julia Sykes and Save Me, Daddy by Jess Bentley. These are both new-to-me authors, and let me start by saying this, because it’s important: I was impressed by both of these stories.


Which should haven’t surprised me. Because of a long drive home after a weekend away, I asked a close friend of mine to find me something to read in KU for this review, rather than hunting through the catalogue myself. After having recently read a ‘Daddy’ book, I mentioned I was interested in finding something else with a little kink—and that as long as it wasn’t too dark, I wasn’t particular. In the end, she found me these two books.

Save Me, Daddy is an older man/younger woman romance, one that mildly dabbles in Daddy kink. I’m still newish to the genre {my first ever review for a Daddy book can be found here} so I picked up Kita + Daniel’s story with a touch of hesitation. Hesitation that was, it seems, unwarranted. Though rushed somewhat at the end, Save Me, Daddy is, in fact, an addictive and charming read. It’s lighter on Daddy and heavier on slow burn than I was expecting, and I found that to be both surprising and pleasing. There was little-to-no time to feel discomfort at my apparent new-found lust for Daddy kink, because Ms. Bentley used it sparingly and to good effect in her story.


Meanwhile, Holden is the story of Holly + Holden. A BDSM novella, it follows a new submissive, a woman exploring her proclivities for the first time, and an experienced Dom, one who has been looking for the perfect sub to call him Master. It’s very much an instalove story, and is both sexy AF and surprisingly sweet. I enjoyed and bought into the connection between these two and, as such, found suspending my disbelief over their whirlwind relationship to be simple. Moreover, I was intrigued by the idea of Dark Grove Plantation, the kink club that forms the foundation for this new series.

Both of these books are short, there’s no other way of putting it. Holden, being the shorter of the two, was perhaps more sex than story. Save Me, Daddy, on the other hand, was the opposite. Yes, that’s right—a book called Save Me, Daddy was more story than sex. And yet, both of these books worked.

Neither of them were perfect, by any means—both of them ended a little sooner than I would’ve liked, despite their short form, and Save Me, Daddy read a little uneven in character development at times—but still, I thoroughly enjoyed these couples and their kinks. Not to mention the thrill of reading a little outside of my usual box. Which is why I’m encouraging you to add both Holden: Dark Grove Plantation and Save Me, Daddy to your TBR, especially if these reads fall outside of your typical romance choices.   

I don’t just want to be next to her, I want to be on top of her. I want to shelter her from everyone who might do her harm. I want to make sure she exactly the right things in her life. I want to…
No, I should not be thinking about that.—Save Me, Daddy

As of 07.11.2017, Holden and Save Me, Daddy are available in Kindle Unlimited.

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