The Unrequited by Saffron A. Kent


All I could think as I was reading The Unrequited by Saffron A Kent was Where did this woman come from?! To say I was blown away by the writing in this book, doesn’t even come close to capturing my experience. Not by a long shot. I rarely highlight passages51DpmNTfomLThe Unrequited is riddled with them. Phrases that were so expertly crafted, I didn’t want to lose them.

The Unrequited is a story of language—both in how it’s told and the world in which these characters inhabit. Thomas, a poet and a professor. Layla, his student. A character whose mind is constantly swirling and judging {herself first and foremost} and thinking. Her inner dialogue is something fierce. It’s a story of false conclusions and misunderstandings, but also one of intense insight.

It is also dark.

For much of the story, I found it difficult to ascertain if Thomas + Layla were truly connecting, while at the same time being certain that they were soul mates. Confusing? Yes, I know. That is part of the experience of The Unrequited, but trust me when I say that is not a bad thing. It is a PART of the experience. A necessary part. It is the confusion, for me, that created the framework in which I found myself finding clarity in the smallest of ways. Small victories of understanding. And, I think that it actually laid the groundwork for Saffron’s words to be even more brilliantly displayed.

I have never quite read a character like Layla and I was immediately drawn to her, as it seems most of those around her are. And Thomas? *sigh* Thomas. His own worst enemy. Trapped in his mind much the same way as Layla. Kinetic, lost, imprisoned. Together, however, these two are in balance. Somehow, all of that freneticism that exists in each singularly, together becomes whole.

I highly recommend this book.

As of 07.14.17, The Unrequited is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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