4 New KU Read Its



Drawn Deep by Taryn Quinn—If you love a book where an older woman steals the heart of a younger guy, then this Read It is for you! Kim O’Halloran has been there, done that. She is divorced and breaks the heart of every guy she has an interest in. Her brother calls her “the Kiminator.” When Kim meets Michael Montgomery, who is modeling nude in her art class, she doesn’t plan for anything to happen. Michael + Kim have a whirlwind romance and when you know, you know. I loved watching Kim step out of her comfort zone and really open up to Michael and to the chance at falling in love. This was a good read. The book is on the smaller side and can easily be read in a sitting.


Clues of the Heart by Maryann Jordan—The whole Baytown Boys series is one that really sticks with me. I love that it’s romantic suspense set in a small town. This is the type of town where everyone knows everyone and has each other’s back. A lot of the young men of Baytown had joined the military after high school and now are finding themselves back in Baytown.  Katelyn MacFarlane had loved one of those Baytown heroes in high school, but he did not come home to her. Six years later, Katelyn feels like she is ready to move on with her life and when Gareth Harrison comes to town and sets up a private investigator firm, she is drawn to him. When they start to work together, sparks fly and passion ignites. Katelyn puts herself in danger and Gareth will do anything to get her home safely. This was a fast paced, small town, romantic suspense read. I loved it!


Dropping the Gloves by Mignon Mykel—This is a second chance romance hockey novella. When I first read the blurb, I thought I’m not sure I can like this Jordan guy after he walked away from his wife and baby! Throughout the story, my opinion of Jordan changed and I could understand what had happened to him. My heart went out to Marlo as she lost Jordan and his family, which was the only family she had known. Left with no one, Marlo raises her baby girl alone. The hockey team that Jordan left behind rallies around Marlo, becoming her family. When Jordan returns to town to claim what’s his, he has to prove himself to a lot of people.  Jordan walked away from Marlo once and it nearly destroyed him and her, now he’s back, but is it too late to make things right? This was a good hockey read and I’m excited to see where this new series goes!


Seducing Lola by Jessica Prince—I love when I book can make me laugh out loud in the first chapter! From the time I picked up Seducing Lola, I fell in love with Lola. She is a smart, sassy heroine who I couldn’t get enough of. Pair her with sexy Grayson Lockhart and you have a recipe for a perfect rom-com! Lola in an on-air radio personality and unknowingly puts her boss in the hot seat. Grayson was drawn to Lola from the first time he meets her, but she gave him the brush off. He sees this as the perfect chance to get to know her by blackmailing her to date him! This book has laugh out loud moments. Both Grayson and Lola were strong characters. The supporting cast was also very strong and I hope that they will all get their stories told as well. This was a really fun group of friend. Great read!

As of 07.20.17, all titles are available on Kindle Unlimited.



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