Michael by Karla Sorensen


More was not something I was used to. But for her, for what we’d become to each other, I could be everything she needed. I could be more. 

If there’s one rule to reading a Bachelors of the Ridge book by Karla Sorensen, it has to be read it ASAP. Or in the case of Michael, BUY IT then read it. {← Because of our ratings system, you see.}


I did. As soon as I finished my ARC of Michael, I jumped onto Amazon and hit that pre-order button like it was my job. Why? Ah, well, that’s easy. Because I LOVED Michael, the book, and Michael, the character. And Brooke. And Piper and Jacob.

Not Kevin though. He can go jump off a cliff, IMHO. But I digress. This book is wonderful. It’s as simple as that. It’s smartly written, paced perfectly, and oh, has one of the best, most tension-filled first kisses I’ve ever read. It blends humor with meaning and made it impossible for me to put down.

It’s books like Michael that make me glad of my insomnia—*insert crying laughing emoji here*. In all seriousness, I read this book well into the night {to which the author can attest, since I was messaging her at the time} and I don’t regret it. Because Michael + Brooke gave me feels. So many feels. I love seeing a manwhore reformed—even if his reputation isn’t all it seems—and moreover, I love reading about a man who is so effortlessly good with his girl and her kids that my ovaries explode immediately.

Oh, lordy, did my ovaries explode. THAT EPILOGUE. This entire book, actually. But more than making my baby-makers go BOOM, Michael made my heart swell. I love the friendships in this series. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again—this series reads like a small-town series, regardless of setting. The community is charming. The banter is enjoyable. The loyalty is endearing. The relationships are authentic.

The stories are wonderful. And they keep getting better. Which is both a good thing and a bad. Because with Tristan, the series will presumably draw to a close and, after reading Michael (and Dylan and Garrett and Cole), I kind of want this series to just go on forever. So maybe I should change the rules a little?

New rule: buy and read these books ASAP, and schedule a re-read every now and then—because that’s the best way to make a series you love last forever.

“You smell like happiness. Like something so good and sweet that I want to find the spot on your body where it smells the strongest.”

As of 07.25.2017, Michael is available for 99c pre-order. Upon release on 07.26.2017, it will be available through Kindle Unlimited, alongside the earlier books in the Bachelors of the Ridge series.

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