New Chapters by Mila Grayson

Seven months ago, on December 29, I recapped 2016, and said that I didn’t know what 2017 would hold for us, but there was much to share and I couldn’t wait for what was next both for KU Book Reviews and for KU Korner.

What I couldn’t share at the time, was that Bedtime Stories—a special thing we do in KU Korner on Facebook where authors share original, unpublished, exclusive stories—was IMG_8008already booked through May of 2017, and by the first week of March, we were booked solid for all of 2017. In the time since its launch on January 1, KU Korner has grown from just over 1,700 members to over 6,000. And that was just the beginning of all of the incredible happenings in the group.

Outside of that, I have been working on something very special since March of 2016. It’s something book-world related and it’s a massive undertaking, but it’s still a bit of a secret. I’m the first one to roll my eyes when it comes to vaguebooking {although I do love that word!}, but please know that as soon as I can share it with all of you, I will. Trust me, it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before and I’m DYING to share it with you!

All of that is to lead up to this announcement and that is that I will no longer be reviewing books here on KU Book Reviews. Nothing else will change here, except I won’t be reviewing. Christine and Beth are taking over and will still be bringing you reviews three days each week—Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. I truly believe in this blog and the value it brings to the KU community and I am grateful to them for taking the reins and keeping it going strong.

And, nothing will change in KU Korner! I will still be there everyday talking about books, sharing my recs and learning of yours, reading each and every Bedtime Story, drooling over the delicious man candy, and so, so much more.

I never imagined the community that we would create from this blog and the group, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. You all bring so much joy to my life and I’m not going anywhere. The moment I can share what I’ve been working on, KU Korner is the first place I will do so!

Here’s to an even more amazing second half of the year!

With all my love,

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