Big Shot by Kim Karr


I am a huge Kim Karr fan and have loved everything I’ve read by her. When I saw Jace was getting his own story in Big Shot, I was beyond excited to read it! Um, yeah…hot single dad who dotes on his daughter? I’m all in!

Going in, I thought Big Shot was going to be a rom-com (not sure why, since I know Jace’sbig-shot history from Sexy Jerk), but there was so much depth and heart in this book that I instantly found myself lost in Jace + Hannah’s story. It didn’t take me long to realize that this is a beautiful second-chance romance, and I was begging early on for Jace + Hannah to give love a chance!

Jace + Hannah had an interesting relationship the first time around. Hannah had dated Jace’s best friend, Ethan, in college and Jace was their “third.” Jace + Hannah fell for each other, but never moved forward since they didn’t want to hurt Ethan. In case you’re wondering, yes, this is the same Ethan that graced us with his presence in Kim’s #bedtimestoryinthekorner on July 24-26 in KU Korner. Before they could see where their love would take them, life interfered and Hannah ran. Now ten years later, Hannah + Jace reconnect when Hannah returns to town with her son.

Jace, now a widow, never got over Hannah, but fell in love and got married and had a daughter, Scarlett, the light of his life. When Hannah returns, the old feelings return as well, but so does another feeling—guilt. How could he have loved Tricia if his love for Hannah is still so strong? I’ve seen this story play out in my own life. I have witnessed the spouse who lost their husband/wife and the guilt that torments them from moving on with someone else. Guilt becomes a third person in the relationship and it becomes evident that the person needs to allow themselves to move on, or resign themselves to a past that they can’t go back to.

This book left me torn up inside. I could feel the rollercoaster of emotions that both Jace + Hannah experienced. I had all sorts of debates in my head! I cried for the past they didn’t have because they didn’t fight for it. Then I argued with Jace that he needed to move on past the guilt if he wanted a future with Hannah. Then I yelled at Hannah to not let Jace walk away like she did before. I was hoarse from yelling at them to take the second chance they’ve been given! Whew! This book brought it all out of me. My kindle is lucky to have survived this one!

I love a book that can evoke all of these emotions, has solid characters and can make me feel like I have walked in their shoes. Jace + Hannah and their friends are those characters. The added bonus of this story was Jace’s daughter, Scarlett, and Hannah’s son, Jonah. There were numerous scenes where they stole the show. You should definitely check out all of the cuteness that is Scarlett and Jonah, and all of the hotness that is Jace + Hannah. Great read!

As of 08.03.17, Big Shot is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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