How We Fall by Melissa Toppen


“When I found you, I don’t even know how to describe it.  I had never looked at girls that way before, but looking at you made me feel – different.  I’m pretty sure you stole my heart right then and there.”

Melissa Toppen’s How We Fall is an epic second-chance love story. The writing is brilliant and the characters are so well written that you feel like you’ve grown up with them.51k4wFl6DTL However, the biggest takeaway for me was, life is full of what ifs.

Melanie + Cole were best friends since childhood. They did everything together. The only thing that Melanie couldn’t share with Cole was how she felt about him. Cole dated other girls, but no one lived up to the girl he had on a pedestal—no one was Melanie. Rather than tell her how he felt, he left town.  Melanie + Cole loved each other, but as most teenagers do, they didn’t see what was in front of them. What if Melanie + Cole would have shared their feelings back then? Where would they be now?

After years of being apart, Melanie + Cole are both in town when tragedy strikes. From the moment Cole once again lays eyes on Melanie, he knows that he can’t walk away from her a second time. He’ll bide his time, but she was always meant to be his. What if the tragedy had never happened? Would Melanie and Cole have found their way back to one another?

As I read this story, I could see so many ‘what ifs’ in Cole + Melanie’s story. As I go through life, there are so many things I’d change or say to myself, “What if I did that? How would things be different?” The thing is, everything happens for a reason. Melanie + Cole have an epic second-chance love story because they took the path that they did. Fate brought them back together to share and explore that love that never died. Sometimes timing is everything and this was their time.

How We Fall sucked me in and wouldn’t let go until the very end. This was the first book I’d read by Melissa Toppen and I’m eagerly looking forward to the next one.

As of 08.10.17, How We Fall is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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