All of You All of Me by Claudia Burgoa


As I turned the last page of All of You All of Me by Claudia Burgoa, I was at a loss for words. It took me a few days to figure out exactly what I wanted to say. This is one of those stories that will break your heart into a million pieces and as you turn the pages, gradually it will become whole again.

Willow + Hunter meet by chance and from their first encounter, Hunter is drawn to this5112caTMf4L girl.  When they bump into each other a few days later, he knows that Willow is his destiny. She was meant to be his. Hunter is a serial monogamist which stems from losing his parents at the age of 12. He has agoraphobia and although he is doing much better at this point of his life, he is still a broken man. He believes that Willow can heal him.  Willow has Borderline Personality Disorder, but doesn’t really know that is what she has. She is definitely nobody’s savior. She knows that she never gets close to anyone and always pushes them away before they can hurt her. She is the complete opposite of what Hunter needs, and yet they complete each other in a way they never thought possible.

This couple navigates through some rough waters. Claudia does an exceptional job of describing the thoughts and feelings that both Willow + Hunter have and why they act the way that they do. The disorders don’t define Willow + Hunter, but they have ruled their life.  It will take time on both of their parts to deal with the disorders. They have to want to make themselves better for themselves, they can’t do it for the other person. Both Willow + Hunter come to terms with how they can “fix” what is broken in themselves and perhaps then, there is a happily ever after in there for them.

The cast of characters that surround these two was brilliant. Family isn’t always blood, it is the people whom you hold closest in your heart. For Willow, that is her sister and for Hunter, that is his brothers. These two families have both lost their parents (in different ways) and found a family in each other. The support system that these siblings give Willow + Hunter is like nothing I’ve ever seen. While I fell in love with Hunter and Willow’s story, I fell for each of the other characters as well. Of course the first question I had to know was….are they each getting a story? And yes they are! {An aside note here: Hunter’s brother Harrison was featured in one of Claudia’s #bedtimestoryinthekorner.} If you love an emotional read that is flawlessly written, you will love Hunter + Willow’s journey.

As of 08.15.17, All of You All of Me is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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