The Kingwood Duet by SL Scott


“A love this extraordinary can’t be contained to one lifetime.”

51k7N1GCUWLSL Scott has created something so special with the Kingwood duet—a truly epic love story. In Savage, we meet Sara Jane + Alexander. We have the classic tale of the good girl
falling hard for the bad boy. This tale, however, becomes so much more.

SL Scott weaves a spell binding story of revenge and deceit, but most of all, a grand love story that will live in your heart long after you close the book. There is a twist and turn with every page. The ending of Savage will leave you completely destroyed, and you won’t want to waste a second picking up Savior. Lucky for you, both books are out now. I had to wait in agony for weeks!

There are too many ways to spoil the story, but without saying too much, this story is truly about love conquering all. Alexander has such a need for revenge that it blinds him to the fact that he already has the most important thing in his life—Sara Jane.


When it comes down to it, his Firefly is all he has ever needed. When everything else in life is threatened, the one thing to pull him out of the darkness is Sara Jane. The question is, does he realize it in time?

The characters are so well written and there are so many layers to the story. The books took on a life of their own and I couldn’t put them down. I feel like there could be so much more ahead for all of these characters. This duet does conclude the story—I just want more. Read this duet now! You won’t be sorry.

As of 08.17.17, both Savage and Savior are available on Kindle Unlimited.

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