4 New KU Read Its



Hooked by Karla Sorensen and Whitney Barbetti— I was so excited to see Karla + Whitney team up for a dark rom-com! X + Lucy’s story really hooked me in! Lucy is an ex-drug dealer who is getting out of prison and trying to get her life back on track, but those pesky drug dealers want their money from her. X has his own issues when he runs into Lucy at a group therapy class they are both attending. Although attracted to one another, it isn’t until Lucy tries to pull one over on X that they find themselves on common ground with one another. I loved Lucy’s strength and that when she teamed up with X, she finally found a sense of family that she never had. She was able to find a person who “had her back”. I fell hard for Lucy as I watched her walls crumble as she let X in. There was a lot of fun and witty dialogue and a great story. Great read!


Encore by Ruth Clampett—This was a M/M story about Ramon + Charlie. Both Ramon + Charlie have lost loved ones in the past and it has shaped them into who they are today. Charlie has never been openly gay. He knew he preferred men, but after exploring that side of himself only to associate it with tragedy, it laid buried until he met Ramon. One lap dance and Ramon invaded every thought Charlie had and he had to see him again. Ramon had made some bad decisions in life that were still haunting him and he would do anything to protect Charlie from the repercussions, even walk away from him. This was a heart breaking journey of two men finding love and figuring out what forever was to them. I loved watching Charlie + Ramon navigate their past to ensure a future together.


Star Struck by Laurelin Paige—This was the second book in the Hollywood Heat series, but can be read as a standalone. We met Heather Wainwright in Sex Symbol and she definitely came off as a Hollywood diva. When she meets Seth Rafferty at a party, she feels sparks, but is disappointed to find out he’s just a carpenter. Both Heather + Seth have secrets they are hiding and those secrets have shaped them into the people they have become. We get to see them both learn to trust each other and what it means to truly let someone in. Heather changed right before my eyes and I loved the person she became. I was so glad to see her shift because I wasn’t team Heather in Sex Symbol. Seth + Heather have a great Hollywood romance. Check it out now!


All the Lies We Tell by Megan Hart—This story had me intrigued from the blurb. I could tell that there was going to be a tangled web throughout and I was not disappointed. Alicia, Ilya + Nikolai grew up in the same neighborhood and were always best friends. When Alicia’s sister dies, her world is never the same. Alicia was always drawn to Nikolai, but he left town. Left to pick up the pieces of her life, Alicia and Ilya become close and end up married. The marriage is doomed from the start, but Ilya will always be family to Alicia. When Nikolai comes back to town, secrets are uncovered and the past comes back to haunt them. This story was a good read and held my attention to the very end. There are certain parts of the story that don’t completely wrap up and I’m hoping I’ll get the answers in All the Secrets We Keep, book 2 in the duet, which is out now.

As of 08.24.17, all titles are available on Kindle Unlimited.

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