The Torn Duet by Mia Kayla


torn in twoAs I was thinking about which book to review this week, I knew I wanted to take this opportunity to write about Mia Kayla’s Torn Duet. The duet came out at the beginning of the year, but at the time, my focus on the blog was ‘4 New Read Its’ every other week, and this duet is definitely a Buy It! And even though it came out in January, it is still on my mind now at the end of August. It is one of those stories that will consume you and has you thinking about it months and months after you’ve finished.

Going in, I knew it was a love triangle—the first book is called Torn Between Two.  Immediately, I was drawn to Samantha and her personality. When Hawke Calvin came into her life like a hurricane, I didn’t know if she’d weather the storm. Their relationship was complex and I had mixed feelings about Hawke. When Josh Stanton unexpectedly entered Samantha’s life, she immediately friend zoned him since she was wrapped up in Hawke. Those feelings evolved into so choosing forevermuch more with Josh. Then, with book two of the duet, Choosing Forever, we saw the choice that Samantha had to make between the two men. The emotional struggle that Samantha went through, as well as what Josh and Hawke endured,  had me in tears and I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to see which forever Samantha chose.

This duet is heavy with emotion and angst. Mia Kayla does such a great job of telling this heart breaking story. Her writing is flawless and left me with a huge book hangover. This duet constantly comes to mind when someone asks me what my favorite reads have been this year.  These are characters that I will carry with me always. Will you be Team Josh or Team Hawke? Loved this duet!

As of 08.31.17 The Torn Duet is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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