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Welcome back to the KU Sunday Spotlight, brought to you by KU Book Reviews + the One-Click Addict Support Group. This week, I have FOUR books for you—one steamy hot series—featuring four very delicious brothers… Be sure to add them to your TBR and, as always, enjoy!

Catch Me ~ Buy It
Play Me ~ Buy It
Dare Me ~ Buy It
Beg Me ~ Buy It

When you find out one of your favorite authors has a series that you’ve not yet read and that it’s available in Kindle Unlimited, what do you do? Well, if you’re anything like me, you grab them all and spend a day devouring them, of course.

The author is Jennifer Probst. The series is the Steele Brothers series. And the end result of back-to-back books? One incredibly satisfied {*wink wink*} reader.

I plan to dive into each individual book but, before I do, let me say this: these books were unlike anything I’ve read from Ms. Probst before, especially with the elements of BDSM, and I loved them just as much as I’ve loved all her others.

Catch Me_1

“Thank you for not giving up on me,” she whispered.
“Thank you for letting me catch you.”~ Catch Me

This series of short-but-sexy reads begins with Rick + Tara in Catch Me. The oldest Steele brother is a gentle giant—Thor-like in looks, charm and worthiness. It was an excellent start to the series, hooking me quickly and easily. The way Rick cared for Tara was *sigh* just so lovely and solidified a connection that was, for me, completely on point. It also lay the foundation for this series—outlining the exclusive matchmaking performed by the oddly named FANTA-C and introducing us to knowledge of Rick’s three younger brothers—and, of course, left me eager to read on.  

Play Me_2

Which I did, immediately heading back to KU and borrowing book two, Play Me. Roman + Sloane have a similar but altogether different dynamic than Rick + Tara. Confused by that? Don’t be—both couples have those aforementioned elements of BDSM, but while Rick was softer in his dominance, here we got to see a Steele man with, well, a steel resolve. The way Rome + Sloane pushed/pulled was engaging and erotic, and the result was a panty-meltingly hot read that left me achy, needy and ready… for more of this series, that is.

Time to make his final bet. The bet of a lifetime.
And this time, he was playing for keeps. ~ Play Me

Dare Me_3

So, in the midst of a {probably slightly unhealthy} obsession, I pulled up Rafe + Summer’s book, Dare Me, and found a smokin’ role reversal that kind of blew me away. Despite his alpha tendencies—not to mention his military background—Rafe is something his brothers are not; a submissive. And you guys, the visuals here are  ridiculously sexy. The juxtaposition of Rafe’s alphaness outside the bedroom with his reluctance to embrace his submissiveness, not to mention Summer’s girl-next-door appeal and need to dominate, made for one hell of an interesting read. A quick, dirty and downright sinful story, as a matter of fact.

“I dare you.”
He sucked in his breath. “Dare me to what?”
“To be honest with what you want.” ~ Dare Me

Beg Me_4Of course, by the time I was three books deep—and completely invested—in this five book series {book five, Reveal Me, will be available later this month}, it seemed only right to meet the youngest brother, who also happened to be, IMHO, the most dominant. Remington. Yes, you read that right, Remington Steele. Beg Me is a second chance romance and, of the four, delves the deepest and darkest into the world of BDSM. Rem + Cara have a history that’s electric, erotic, eye-opening… and, yes, even a little heart-breaking.

“Oh, God, no.”
“My name is Sir. If you want to beg for mercy, you do it to me.” ~ Beg Me

Much like knowing I have to wait a little longer for the next book to be released. However, if it, like these first four were, is a perfectly balanced mix of sweet, sexy and sinful, I just know it’s going to Steele my heart. {← Please forgive my misspelling in the interest of punning. It was one or the other, and the pun won. Narrowly.}

As of 09.03.2017, the first four books in the Steele Brothers series are available with Kindle Unlimited. Book five, Reveal Me, is up for pre-order and will be available with Kindle Unlimited upon release on 09.26.2017.

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