Billionaire Unbound by J.S. Scott


She felt conquered.
She felt adored.
She felt overwhelmed.
And she felt amazingly…free.

A few years back {before I started blogging} I read a four-part serial by J.S. Scott. The Billionaire’s Obsession was an alpha-heavy, slightly OTT Billionaire romance that made me swoon, and I soon bought and read all of the available books which subsequently followed.

But then, somewhere along the way, I lost track of the series.

Until this past weekend, that is. Scrolling through Amazon, I rediscovered Ms. Scott, and decided it was high time I catch up on what I’d been missing. Starting where I left off, with Gabe + Chloe in Billionaire Unbound.


I’m thrilled to say that it was just as swoony as I recalled the earlier books being. It helps, of course, that all of the titles can be read standalone—in the intervening years, I’ve managed to forget many of the nuances of the series.

But some things, I haven’t forgotten. It’s definitely still as alpha-heavy—Gabe being that yummy combination of in-charge, dominant and caring—and slightly OTT as I remembered, but it’s also a damn good read. And one that covers a very sensitive subject, giving it an emotional center that drew all the characters and all the heart into the story.

And there is a lot of heart. Between Chloe’s family—her brothers, who all have stories to come {save for Tate, who you can find and fall for in Billionaire Untamed} and Gabe’s ability to say the right things at the right time, not to mention Ellie’s mysterious disappearance, there are plenty of moments to make your pulse race and, in the end, bring a smile to your face.

Much like rediscovering this series has brought a smile to mine. I’m excited to keep going, and plan to do so soon. After all, I’m going to need to know what happened to Ellie…

Sadness, fear, and heartache were her old life.
And then there was Gabe.

As of 09.05.2017, Billionaire Unbound and the entire Billionaire’s Obsession series are available with Kindle Unlimited.

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