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It’s Sunday, and that means it’s time for the KU Sunday Spotlight, brought to you by KU Book Reviews + the One-Click Addict Support Group. This week, a yummy man and a baker get a second chance at love—and you get a delicious new book to add to your TBR. Enjoy!


When it comes to finding books through Kindle Unlimited, I tend to rely on three things—authors I have previously read, the also-boughts {you know, the ones where customer also bought books by …?}, and covers that visually appeal to me. In the case of The Real Thing by Melissa Foster, it was the cover that had me clicking through to read the blurb. And once I read the blurb? I was done.

Ms. Foster and I had a date with an A-list actor in need of a fake fiancée and the girl whose virginity he took years earlier.

The Real Thing

There was so much about The Real Thing that endeared me to it, right from the start. The cover, obviously. There’s something about a man showered in flour that makes me think fun, dirty thoughts. But also the small-town setting. The fake engagement trope. The actor and mere-mortal story. The second chance. And the cupcakes.

Let’s not forget the cupcakes.

Seriously though, I was utterly charmed by this book. Though my first by Ms. Foster, it’s absolutely not my last. Especially since The Real Thing is just the first book in the Sugar Lake series and Willow has some siblings that are clearly in need of a HEA.

But before that can happen, Willow + Zane needed to get their happily ever after. The first couple of chapters started a little slowly for me, but thereafter? How sweet this book was. The emotional connection, the low-angst, high-sugar romance, the sinful sex, the banter and the humor. The way real and fake blurred together to become indistinguishable.

All of it together is a recipe for success—a recipe for a book that is as light and fluffy as a delectable Angel Food Cake, iced in the sweetest, most addictive frosting and set down in front of you to enjoy until it’s gone. And then to smile over because it tasted so, so good.

As of 09.10.2017, The Real Thing is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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