Breathing You In By S. Moose


Breathing You In by S. Moose was an extremely emotional and powerful story. Your heart will ache for Logan + Hannah, but you will find hope and love breaking through all of the darkness.

breathing you inReading a book like Breathing You In, always makes me look at my own life and how I would survive if I lost my husband. That is a hell that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. How does one move on from something like that?  How many days pass before you can get out of bed in the morning? How many months/years pass before you can give your heart to someone else? Logan struggles with his wife’s death and moving on with Hannah. He wants her one day and then pushes her away the next as he comes to terms with moving on. Logan + Hannah’s story left me in tears during their struggles and then had me smiling as Logan began to accept that he could have a future and more than that, he DESERVED a future. It’s never an easy road to get there, but it is so worth the journey.

If you are looking for a read that is full of angst and emotion, Breathing You In is exactly what you are looking for. The secondary characters are strong in this book as well which helps to develop Logan + Hannah even more. Their best friends provide a support to Hannah + Logan that is almost like a second family. I loved the scenes where they would interact with their friends because it showed us so much more of who these characters are. Grab some tissue and cuddle up with Logan + Hannah!

As of 09.12.17 Breathing You In is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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