Refuse to Lose by Mignon Mykel


Are you a fan of hockey romance? If so, you need to check out Mignon Mykel’s Refuse to Lose. Trevor + Callie will steal your heart!

refuse to loseWhat really grabs me about this story is the age difference between Trevor + Callie. My husband and I are ten years apart, so the story was very relatable to me. There are certain issues that come up in relationships when there is that big of an age difference that don’t seem to be as big of an issue when you are closer in age. I loved that the author took on one of those issues head on. One person has already gotten a pretty good start at life and has a career, where the other is just starting out and there is so much to see and do when you are in your early 20s. Balancing the two in a serious relationship is hard and I think Mignon Mykel does a great job with Trevor+ Callie’s story as they explore a future together.

There is a lot of heat and sexy times in the book and of course some hockey. Trevor is the kind of guy you will fall hard for because he is just impossible not to love. I loved him when I met him in Dropping the Gloves, which was the first book in this series {although Refuse to Lose can easily be read a standalone}. He has unwavering loyalty and will protect his friends and family with everything that he has. Callie is a young, driven woman who has tough choices to make, but is such a loveable person. I had so much admiration for her for staying true to herself and what she wanted out of life.

Get ready to fall in love with Trevor + Callie!

As of 09.14.17 Refuse to Lose is available in Kindle Unlimited.

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