Wild for You by Daisy Prescott


I’m hopelessly falling for this cowboy.
And it’s the best adventure I’ve ever been on.

I, too, am falling for this cowboy.

This cowboy being Justin Garrison from Daisy Prescott’s Wild for You.

It’s the third book in her Love with Altitude series, a complete standalone {I read and loved book one, Next to You, but not the second… yet}, and definitely racing right up the list of my favorite cowboy romances.

Wild for You

Why? Ah, well, that’s easy. It’s ALL the things. Smart, sassy, sexy. A delicious slow burn that, mmm, completely swept me away, with characters that are effortlessly likable. Wild for You is happiness between the covers {pun absolutely intended}; low on drama and angst, overflowing with good feelings and swoony words from my favorite type of hero.

Simply put, it was wonderful.

In fact, my only complaint is that it ended too soon. Not in that this story isn’t finished, what the hell?! way, but rather in a I’m not ready to leave this book behind kinda way. Because I so was not ready—I was completely feeling Justin + Zoe. I probably could have read about them boiling water, that’s how much I was loving their love. Loving the way Ms. Prescott crafted their story. Loving the very easy, relaxed way this book flowed.

Like a lazy river, but better. Like warm summer days, but warmer. Like sinful chocolate cake, but, like, smeared all over Justin and—

I’m stopping there. This review took a turn, and it’s all Ms. Prescott’s fault.

After all, she’s the reason I fell in love with this cowboy…

It’s too soon to feel this way. It’s crazy to think this is real.
Love is a wild thing we can’t control. Only a fool would try to tame the human heart.

As of 09.19.2017, Wild for You is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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