4 New KU Read Its



Sexceptional by Leslie Pike — What a fun second chance romance! Oliver + Stori were high school sweethearts when they were torn apart. Now, fourteen years later, their best friends are getting married out of the country. One week of pure bliss together as they embark on the destination wedding. From the moment Oliver + Stori reconnect, they know that their feelings are still strong for one another. Watching them sort through those feelings as they visit paradise was such a great ride. I loved how the author didn’t wait until the end for Stori + Oliver to discover things about their past. They were able to come to terms with it and forge ahead on a future together. Oliver + Stori were both strong characters and I loved their friends, too. This was a fun read.

birthing balls

Birthing Balls by Andie Long — The crazy Balls crew is back in Birthing Balls.  This is a novella with the same wacky Turner family we have met throughout the Balls series. Beth and Lindsay are both pregnant, and there are a lot of laughs to be had as the family gets ready to welcome the babies. Birthing Balls had me rolling during some of the scenes—the banter is fun and this family is just hilarious. Such an enjoyable read! If you haven’t already met them, you need to meet this crazy clan. Then, get ready to laugh! Birthing Balls could be read as a standalone, but this family is so unique, you will enjoy it so much more if you read the other books, too.


Undressed by Kimberly Derting — This was a sweet love story about Lauren + Will. If you love a good small town romance with hot surfers, you will be swept away by Undressed.  Lauren and her girlfriend move to the beach during their summer break from college. There, on her first night, Lauren meets cocky Will at a bar. Sparks immediately fly between the two, but both have reasons for not wanting a relationship. As they get to know each other, and Lauren sees that Will is far from who she thought he was, she thinks she may have found the person she has been looking for. I prefer a little more heat in my love stories, but I really enjoyed Will + Lauren’s story. The characters were likeable and I loved how we discovered so many layers to both Lauren + Will and what they had been through in the past that shaped them.  This one was a good read.


Classmates by Nicole Stewart — Nicole Stewart writes some hot scenes! Whew! The thing that stood out to me most about this book was that there was such a well-developed story between Lucy, Noah + Shawn. Their love was one of friendship and true love in a trio, and it was so much more than just the sexy times (of which there was plenty).  In so many of the ménage books I’ve read, there isn’t a good story; just lots of getting down and dirty, but that’s not the case here. Another thing that I loved about this book was the humor—the secondary character were so funny. Lucy’s grandma and friends had me laughing out loud at different times. This was a really good read.

As of 09.21.17 all titles are available on Kindle Unlimited.

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