Holding on to Chaos by Lucy Score


Welcome back to Blue Moon! Every time I see a new Blue Moon book is releasing, I get giddy with excitement. This series is romantic comedy at its best! Lucy Score does it again with Holding on to Chaos!

holdingEach book in the Blue Moon series can be read as a standalone. Only in Blue Moon would there be an astrological apocalypse that will turn the town on its head! Donovan, being the sheriff, does everything he can do to keep the town from harm as things go haywire.  Eva + Donovan don’t have the best timing in trying to start their relationship with the apocalypse looming over the town. With all of the town craziness, Eva also faces her past and puts it to rest so she can build something with Donovan. I couldn’t wait for Donovan to get his story and the way that he claims Eva from the very beginning made my heart melt.

All of our favorite Blue Moon characters are back in all their glory.  There is so much laughter and fun on every page. We get to reconnect with all of Eva’s family which includes the delicious Pierce brothers! And let’s not forget the Beautification Committee! They are back with all of their craziness making matches around town. This town is so quirky and fun. It takes a special talent to write such great, loveable characters in the most insane situations! Holding on to Chaos is a great read!

As of 09.28.17, Holding on to Chaos is available in Kindle Unlimited.

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