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Hello and Happy Sunday, KUbbies + Addicts! It’s time again for the KU Sunday Spotlight, brought to you by KU Book Reviews + the One-Click Addict Support Group. This week, I have a Buy It book that’s more than just a Buy It—it’s a must read and one you need at the top of your TBR. Enjoy!


And just like on every other night I’ve spent with him, I fall in love, at a thousand miles an hour, all over again.

I never thought I’d say I’m glad Mila is no longer reviewing for KU Book Reviews. After all, she’s one of my closest, most trusted friends, and this blog is hers, first and foremost. But with her departure, a range of new authors opened up to me—authors who she’d reviewed in the past, authors that I was thrilled to take over, so to speak.

One of those authors is the immensely talented Dylan Allen. And Thicker Than Water is the first book of hers that I’ve had the pleasure of reading. {Side note: you can find Mila’s reviews of Ms. Allen’s first two books, Rise and Remember by clicking on the book titles.}

Thicker Than Water Ebook Cover

You guys… what a way to start. This book is heart and soul personified. Or novelized. It’s deeply touching, highly emotional, incredibly pertinent to the world around us and, simply put, a must read.

Thicker Than Water follows Reece + Lucia, one a member of Hollywood’s Elite, the other a woman on the hunt for freedom. Their connection is tenuous to begin with and the way Ms. Allen nurtures it, allows it to grow through pages of shared dreams, budding friendship and mutual attraction, is magical. Beautiful. Intense.

And then, inevitable. This is a story that is bound by the limitations of both Reece + Lucia’s lives, but is unrestrained in its love. It’s palpable and real, and it makes everything that stands in their way—every obstacle—seem both significant and insignificant. Significant, because you know that they need to be together. Insignificant, because you know that they need to be together. Somehow.

Because there’s no other way for them.

Thicker Than Water makes no bones as it takes the reader on a roller coaster ride. There is no way to escape the way this book draws on the emotion and unfairness of Reece + Lucia’s situation, and the likeability of its lead characters. The fact that Ms. Allen doesn’t shy away from said emotion meant that it was impossible for me to read this book without also feeling it.

And feel it, I did. Every word, every page, every thought, every feeling. So, yes, I am glad Mila’s no longer reviewing, only because it means book like this one are on my radar… and in my heart.

This love of ours is an infinite source of stamina. If they put an obstacle in our way, we’ll get over it, dig a hole underneath it, outlast it. We both have the exact same end goal. To be together.

As of 10.08.2017, Thicker Than Water is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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