Unforeseen by M.C. Decker


Holy ovary explosion! Blake has completely stolen my heart in M.C. Decker’s Unforeseen.

unforeseenI love a good single dad story, but when that single dad is raising a baby and a toddler alone after the loss of the love of his life—and is not afraid to open his heart again—total swoon!

Blake has been dealt a tough hand but, unlike a lot of other stories, when he meets Cassidy, he lets himself be open to love again. Cassidy has the power to heal Blake and he is willing to take that chance with her.

Cassidy is a single mom who doesn’t believe in the fairy tale ending. She meets Blake at her best friend’s wedding, but keeps him at a distance. It was Blake’s determination to win Cassidy’s heart that had me falling for him early.

My favorite thing about this book is that it follows two single parents trying to navigate the murky waters of starting a relationship. There is definite chemistry between the two, but so many obstacles that stand in their way. The scenes with the kids completely melted my heart and, though Blake + Cassidy both had a lot of reasons to give up on love and go it alone, Blake’s persistent pursuit of Cassidy won my heart as he won hers.

Unforeseen is an emotional story that sucked me in from the first page and had me falling for Blake + Cassidy without much effort. Their second-chance-at-love was well written, filled with raw emotion and then, with laughter.

And it was a wonderful balance. I could definitely use a follow up story on Blake + Cassidy! Unforeseen was a great read!

As of 10.10.17, Unforeseen is available in Kindle Unlimited.

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