A Little Bit Crazy by B. Cranford


“I-I’ll always be like this. A little bit crazy.”

“And I’ll always be right here, a lot crazy about you.”


a little bit crazyOne of the things I love most about Kindle Unlimited is finding new-to-me authors. While I know Beth Cranford through KU Korner and KU Book Reviews, I had yet to meet B. Cranford, the author. I was blown away by her second novel, A Little Bit Crazy. I feel so lucky that I’m able to discover authors like this on KU, ones who will quickly become a one-click author for me.

A good enemies-to-lovers book is always a fun read, but Declan + Jade’s story wasn’t just fun—it was also emotional. I rooted for Jade to let go of the past and move on to a future that included Declan. I also ached for her as she struggled to give Declan a chance. I missed The Brightest Star, Brighton + Sebastian’s story, where Jade + Dec first appeared. This foursome has fierce devotion to one another and amazing chemistry, so now I must go back and see how it all started!

The banter in A Little Bit Crazy is witty and fun at times as Declan refers to Jade as “Freckles” and Jade refers to Declan as “Jackass” (this may be my new favorite term of endearment by the way). Jade is a beautifully flawed character who truly finds her soulmate in Declan—the one person who will always be there for her. And Declan . . . well . . . swoon.

If you love a good “frenemies” book, look no further. Jade + Declan’s story will suck you in and you won’t want to put it down. Great read for a fall weekend!

As of 11.02.17, A Little Bit Crazy is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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