Sacred by S.L. Scott


sacredYou know those series where each and every one of the characters takes a special place in your heart and you don’t want it to be done?  That has been S.L. Scott’s Kingwood series for me. On the 4th of July I devoured the first book in the series, Savage, and now that I have read the final installment, Sacred, I’m sad that my journey in this world has ended.

I fell in love with Cruise in Savage and Savior and even his brief presence in Solace. He’s proven to be a loyal and trusted friend to Alexander Kingwood, who was the main character in the original duet. And while there’s always been something dark about Cruise, under that darkness was a man that I knew I would fall hard for. I couldn’t wait to see who would be able to turn Cruise’s head—and hold his attention.

My first take on Clara was of innocence, and that that innocence intrigued Cruise. What I wasn’t prepared for was the inner strength and determination that Clara had to have to overcome her terrible past—I shed tears for her, for what she had gone through, and for the person she had become. She’s one of the strongest women I have read recently and I could not get enough of her character, or her inner strength, which pulled Cruise into the light.

Cruise + Clara’s story is full of heartache and pain. They are both broken souls who heal one another and I could feel their love and fierce need to protect each other. Cruise was a protector in Savage and Savior and now, in Sacred, he becomes Clara’s protector.

This series has been unforgettable; one of my most memorable of this year. Clara + Cruise stole my heart and gave me closure on the rollercoaster that was the Kingwood series and, though Sacred can be read as a standalone, I highly recommend starting at the beginning with Savage and taking this wild journey. Four awesome reads!

As of 11.07.17, Sacred is available in Kindle Unlimited.

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