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Happy Sunday, KUbbies + Addicts! We’re back for another week of the KU Sunday Spotlight, brought to you by KU Book Reviews + the One-Click Addict Support Group. This week, discovery of one of my favorite authors in KU resulted in a Buy It review. Make sure to add this one to the top of your TBR and, as always, enjoy!


Catching Florence’s attention was like setting a match to a line of rifle powder: a slow, intense burn that crept up on you until you were consumed by it.

This might be a big call, but . . . I don’t know that there is an author out there who writes, who owns, LGBT romance quite like Amy Jo Cousins. And, having just finished The Belle vs. the BDOC, a Bend or Break novella, I can safely say that she remains at the top of the list of my go-to authors in this genre.


I’ve never read F/F before—not because I didn’t want to, but rather because it’s a more difficult genre to find. There simply isn’t the high-vis range of titles available as there are in the M/M sub-genre. And it’s a crying shame. Because this book has me convinced that F/F is more than worthy of our one-clicks.

The story of Shelby + Florence, The Belle vs. the BDOC is light-hearted fun, incredibly sensual and yet, owns its message of acceptance unrepentantly. Which makes it sexy in a way I’ve not before experienced—the idea of these lovers fighting each other outside the privacy of a dorm room against the way they’re fighting something entirely different within that sanctum.

Truly, this remarkable novella—which IMHO is an ideal introduction to F/F fiction—explores the idea of the right kind of lesbianism while still bringing a quirky kind of joy to a story that, for me, is likely to be the first of many in this sub-genre—and simply more evidence that Ms. Cousins is one of the most talented writers not just in this genre, but all genres.

“Well, maybe by the time I wipe the floor with you, you’ll understand the difference between what people look like and who they are.”

As of 11.12.2017, The Belle vs. the BDOC and the entire Bend or Break series are available with Kindle Unlimited.

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