Mayhem’s Hero by Lindsay Cross


mayhem's hero ecoverThere’s an author who is my go-to for military suspense—and her name is Lindsay Cross. I fell in love with the Men of Mercy series first and, now, I’ve fallen in love with the Operation Mayhem series. The latest release in that series, Mayhem’s Hero, is one thrill ride after another!

This series does a fantastic job of taking you on a new adventure with each and every book you read. They are all tied together in the respect that each of the heroes are part of Operation Mayhem, a secret military project, but can be read standalone.

Mayhem’s Hero is Diggs + Audra’s story. Diggs is one of those heroes who doesn’t know what a great guy he is, and it takes the right woman to finally make him see that about himself. Audra is the right woman; all fire and sass as she tries to avenge her brother’s death by herself.

This story moved me to tears, watching as Diggs fell so far into the pit of despair, believing he’d failed his friends. The emotions were raw and powerful as we got a glimpse of a war hero who struggles with utter despair. Audra’s strength and courage is exactly what Diggs needed to make himself whole once again.

Without going too much into the plot, it’s safe to say that this book has it all! It’s a story you won’t want to put down, one which features a hot man who will stop at nothing to save the love of his life, plenty twists in the plot line, and a furry hero.

I will continue to look forward to the next epic adventure in the Operation Mayhem world. Mayhem’s Hero has been my favorite in the series so far and I’ve loved them all. They just keep getting better! So, if you haven’t met the men of Operation Mayhem . . . what are you waiting for?

As of 11.16.17, Mayhem’s Hero is available on Kindle Unlimited.

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