Tempting Sophia by Jessica Prince


tempting sophiaDo you love a great second chance romance? If that is a trope of which you cannot get enough, then Tempting Sophia by Jessica Prince is the perfect story for you.

I first met Sophia + Dominic in Seducing Lola, which is the first book in this series. And yes, before you ask, they can be read as standalones. I was drawn to them in that first book and couldn’t wait to read their story. It is one that will melt your heart, as it did mine.

Ten years ago, both Sophia + Dominic did and said things they couldn’t take back. Dominic will stop at nothing to win the love of his life back, and I ached for him as he tried, time and time again, to win Sophia over, even though there were moments I wanted to strangle him for choices that he made. Sophia is sweet and sassy, but she too made bad choices, which shows that we are all young and dumb at one time. It made me believe that time can heal, that people do grow up, but will Sophia + Dominic be able love each other enough to forget the past and move onto a future together?

Tempting Sophia was a perfect blend of comedy and feels; the writing was emotional and the relationships deep. I love books that can make me laugh and make me cry, and Tempting Sophia did exactly that. I adored this beautiful second chance love story and this trio of ladies. They are a great group of friends, who I have loved getting to know, and I am already eager to see more of in Daphne’s story!

As of 11.24.17, Tempting Sophia is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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