Jacob’s Ladder: Gabe by Katie Ashley


“Don’t you get it, Rae? You are the song. You’re within each and every line of the lyrics.”

If you’re on the lookout for something sweet and sexy, I’d recommend making sure that Jacob’s Ladder: Gabe is on your radar.

Katie Ashley has produced something a little different when it comes to rockstar romance—a light, flirty and only occasionally angsty read. Which works for me, since angst isn’t typically something that floats my boat.


But Gabe + Rae did. Float my boat, that is. I grabbed this one after reading a review from a trusted book friend and found the romance between these two to be super enjoyable. Complete with swoony undertones, a punch of feels and a ten-year-old cute enough to make a musician who’s in the fence about kids pay attention.

Even when I was wide-eyed at Rae’s overreaction or fuming at Gabe’s penchant for saying the wrong damn thing, I couldn’t wait to turn the page; to reach the end and see these two get their happily ever after. And I think it’s because this couple were just so . . . right together.

Gabe + Rae were similar enough to make their connection believable in its swiftness, yet different enough to make their clashes a wee bit heart-racing. And though I haven’t read much from Ms. Ashley, Jacob’s Ladder: Gabe {and Running Mate, which I previously reviewed} has given me several solid reasons to be on the lookout for her name and more of her sweet and sexy books.

I was hers. Undeniably, irrevocably hers.
“You have me—mind, body, and soul.
“And heart?”
“Always.” Without a doubt in my mind.

As of 11.28.2017, Jacob’s Ladder: Gabe is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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