Unraveled by Mia Kayla


“I can’t see beyond us. I can’t see beyond reason. I’m addicted to you. This is beyond what I can control now.”

unraveledI have been waiting for Mia Kayla’s next book since her Torn duet, which was released earlier this year, completely blew me away! The wait is finally over and Unraveled is here.

I sat down to read it giddy with excitement. I was wondering if I could possibly love Ms. Kayla’s hero as much as I had loved Josh in the Torn duet, and was pleasantly surprised to find that Cade definitely lived up to Josh’s standards! This tatted-up guy with the heart of gold stole—and broke—my heart. As Angie peeled back his layers, I wanted to just hug him for the guy he was, while at the same time I wanted to smack Angie for putting doubt in Cade’s mind about them.

This was a wonderful story about finding yourself and finding your own happiness. Angie was a people pleaser and it almost cost her everything. I found myself rooting for her to take a chance and stand on her own two feet. And, for the love of God, to be with this man who loved her!

Both Angie + Cade have a sense of family loyalty that plays out throughout the story. Being from a large family myself, that kind of loyalty is something that is so important in my life. Seeing Angie + Cade’s devotion to their families endeared this story all the more to me.

Unraveled introduces us to Cade Ryder and his brothers, who will each get their own story. I, for one, have already fallen for all of these men and, in my opinion, Ms. Kayla cannot write fast enough for me to get Jordan’s story next! Unraveled is a great read!

As of 12.07.17, Unraveled is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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