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Welcome back to the KU Sunday Spotlight, brought to you by KU Book Reviews + the One-Click Addict Support Group. This week, you’ll need to prepare your ovaries, because I have the perfect book boyfriend for you. But before Buy It, make sure you have tissues on hand. You’ve been warned. Enjoy!


“Beautiful girl. You came out of nowhere, and suddenly you’re all I see.”

*Rating also applies to the purchase of tissues because man alive, you’re going to need them. It might seem like a joke—and it is, of course—but aren’t all the best jokes based in truth? And the truth of Melissa Foster’s Only for You is that it is laden with F.E.E.L.S.

And ahhh, how sweet it is.

I’m going on record as saying that Bodhi Booker is the perfect book boyfriend. And Bridgette Dalton the perfect book girlfriend. Together they are, you guessed it, perfect. That’s not hyperbole, not really. Okay, perhaps they’re not perfect in the literal sense, but they’re certainly perfect for each other. And, between the ovary-exploding moments with Bodhi and Louie, Bridgette’s little boy, and the undeniably swoonworthy way Bodhi + Bridgette are together, they’re perfectly impossible not to fall for.

Only For You

I loved most everything about this book, in case that wasn’t already abundantly clear. Only for You is only the second book by Ms. Foster that I have read—the first being The Real Thing—yet I’m already pretty much an addict. At the very least, I cannot get enough of the Sugar Lake series.

There’s just something so very charming about this quiet little town and its inhabitants. In particular, the Dalton family and their friends. There is warmth and support and humor and friendly, playful banter.

And heart. So. Much. Heart. You guys, as this book neared its end, I couldn’t help my tears. I was leaning over my sleeping daughter to reach for the tissues, and it was . . . ahh, I don’t have the words. Just know that, though I was leaking big, fat tears, I was doing so with a heart overflowing with love—for the characters, for the story, for this series, and for the makers of Kleenex.

There was no holding back the truth, even if he had to love her from afar. “You’re so deep under my skin, I’ll never really be without you.”

As of 12.10.2017, Only for You is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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