Spar by Rebecca Jenshak


They were chaos and fire, and she’d been burnt too badly to escape scarring.

Rebecca Jenshak hooked me fast and early with Spar, the second book in her Sweetbriar Lake series. Just the premise alone—enemies-to-lovers and brother’s best friend set in a small-town = HEAVEN for me—was enough to make me want to bump this one up my TBR.


And y’all, I’m happy I did. It’s a fun read; a sweet and sexy romance that’s light, enjoyable but with enough oomph to lock down your attention.

Tori + Chris certainly had *my* attention when they proved to have fireworks—not necessarily the good kind, either—in Sweat. And watching those fireworks turn into something just as hot and charged was most definitely rewarding. And though I felt like, at times, these two needed to be sat down and talked to about, ah, well, talking, there was something undeniably likable about them both—Chris, in particular.

In fact, all of the characters who inhabit Sweetbriar are immensely likable, which is why I’m sure to be back for more. I need resolution when it comes to Claire + Jake {please don’t break my heart, Rebecca!}, Chris’ brothers, Charlie and Travis, and anyone else about whom Ms. Jenshak might feel like penning another sweet and sexy small-town romance.

After all, I’m already hooked on this series.

“I despise you. You despise me.”
“Don’t go putting words in my mouth. I find you perfectly delectable.”

As of 12.12.2017, Spar and Sweat are available with Kindle Unlimited.

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