4 New KU Read Its


holiday sparks

Holiday Sparks by Taryn Quinn — Who is ready for some holiday fun and, okay, let’s be real here . . . some holiday heat? I loved this Christmas story! Watching Darcy Tucker go from a scrooge to someone who really loves Christmas was so much fun. And, of course, who changes her mind but Ben Hartley, who loves Christmas! When Darcy gets into a bind at work, Ben comes to her rescue and in doing so, truly saves her. Darcy was letting life pass her by, until he showed her the true meaning of the season and the true meaning of letting someone in. Really good holiday read!

holiday for hire

Holiday for Hire by Laurelin Paige and Kayti McGee — So, it’s the holiday season and you don’t have much reading time . . . well, I have the perfect novella that is a one-sitting read! Jane Osborne is a bit of a stick in the mud. She is a high society diva and believes life is all about show. When she finds out her ex is getting married, she stresses about finding the perfect date. In her world, the perception of perfection is all that matters. When she hires Ian Brooks to be her boyfriend, she never thought that he would turn her world upside down. Suddenly, her image doesn’t seem so important if the one person who is most important isn’t a part of it. This was a good, quick holiday read.


Barrage by Lea Hart — Do I have any alpha male lovers? Lea Hart does such a great job with writing droolworthy, alpha men and the women who are strong enough to love them.  Barrage is set in her SAI series, and yes, all of the books can be read as standalones. Sam + Lucky met on a previous operation and really didn’t hit it off. Though Sam has always been taken with Lucky, he didn’t think he was good enough for her. Now, he has decided that Lucky is what he wants—no matter what.  Lucky isn’t sure she wants to give Sam a chance since their last encounter wasn’t the best but when she takes on a new assignment that could put her danger, Sam can’t just stand by and watch. He will protect what is his. This was another good read in the SAI series.

finding peace

Finding Peace by Maryann Jordan — If you are one who loves small town romance, you will love this series. In Finding Peace, Brogan + Ginny find in each other the missing part of their souls. They were both lost and a little afraid to trust, but when the walls come crumbling down, they know that they are destined to be together. There is romance and suspense as Ginny works a case in Baytown. This cast of characters is a strong one. The men are alpha males and the women are equally as strong as they take these men on. Another great read in this series.

As of 12.14.17 all of these titles are available with Kindle Unlimited.


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