Cheater and Cheater’s Regret by Rachel Van Dyken


I’m doing something a little different today. I want to talk about two of Rachel Van Dyken’s books—Cheater and Cheater’s Regret. We often get asked in the Korner which KU books also come with free audio and I decided I was going to make use of this awesome feature. The Curious Liaisons books were two of the first books that I listened to/read together.

cheaterAudiobooks take quite a while to finish, and I get impatient, so I have to read along to speed up the process. With both of these books, I couldn’t read fast enough. I was intrigued by the titles; I don’t read a lot of cheating books, but these books really called to me. I was so glad that I took the chance on them!

The writing is fun and light, for the most part. From start to finish, these books and the narrators completely held my attention. Lucas + Avery had a unique story in Cheater and when I got to the end, well, I never saw what was coming! I have to admit I was in complete agreement with Avery—Lucas Thorn was an asshat and definitely a womanizer, and Ms. Van Dyken did such a great job of building Lucas‘ character and showing that all is not what it seemed.

cheater's regretMeanwhile, Austin + Thatch meet through Lucas + Avery, and their story takes things in a completely different direction. Austin does some crazy things in Cheater’s Regret, which made me laugh out loud. I was rooting hard for Thatch + Austin through some of their incredibly awkward moments.

Both of these books had so much life in the characters. There was a lot of witty dialogue and fun banter, yet there was an emotional side to each of the stories that tugged at my heartstrings. I was so glad that I gave these “cheating” books a shot because they were so different to what I was expecting. These couples both had me falling in love with them and their stories.

So, for those of you going on long car rides this holiday season, make sure you check them out! Definite must read/listen!

As of 12.19.17, Cheater and Cheater’s Regret are both available with Kindle Unlimited.

If you want to get bonus content from Rachel Van Dyken, you can follow her on Book+Main

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