Sol by Leslie McAdam


solOver the holidays, I usually get a chance to go back to my TBR and pick something that I just didn’t get to. Sol by Leslie McAdam has been calling to me since it was first released in October, and I was so excited that I could move this gem to the top of the list.

Dani + Trent’s story is one of heartbreak, of finding love through tragedy. To me, it was about learning to embrace life instead of running from it. You need to take a chance and let yourself feel—even when you don’t want to. Dani did so much running in her life that she almost lost the one thing that mattered most . . . Trent.

Although Trent dealt with life differently, he also was running from his feelings of loss and regret, feelings that weighed heavily on him. When you lose someone in your life, it’s so easy to blame yourself and wonder what you could have done differently. I know that, in my life, I have had those regrets. And sometimes, all it takes is someone you care about to point out that life happens. More than likely you can’t change the outcome.

The soul-crushing heartbreak that these characters deal with in this story brought so many emotions to the surface for me. It’s the innocence of your first crush and that first kiss you will always remember. The despair of losing someone in your life who is your constant, your rock, your confidant. The hope that love will find a way to live through all the dark days.

Though this was a very emotional story and left me completely exhausted, Sol is definitely a must read! Make sure you move it to the top of your TBR!

As of 01.02.18, Sol is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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