Jack of Hearts and King of Clubs by Sandra Owens


jack of heartsI have found another series that I absolutely cannot listen to/read fast enough! The first two books, Jack of Hearts and King of Clubs, in Sandra Owens’ Aces & Eights series had me begging for more! And, it turns out, I found the series just in time—I’ll soon be put out of my misery when book three releases in February.

Hot alpha men who kick major ass, check.
Strong women who know their value and don’t put up with other’s crap, check.
A delicious story that is suspenseful and captures your attention, check.

king of clubsIf these are boxes you, like me, look to check off when you pick out a new series, I recommend starting this one. Each book is a standalone about a family of brothers, and the women who capture their attention. In Jack of Hearts, Alex + Madison fall for each other during an undercover operation that involves Madison’s family, while in King of Clubs, Lauren + Court get a second chance at a romance which ended abruptly when Lauren’s ex-husband threatened.

The writing moves each story right along with a great amount of detail, and the narrators did such a great job—I felt the story and the emotion through their words. These books have action and suspense and, underneath it all, love stories that completely held me spellbound; I felt so much for these couples and the family and friends who surround them.

Honestly, I could continue to read/listen to this series for a long time. Sandra Owens has created a very special world. If you’re like me and can download the audio and listen to/from work, do it, but be warned—you won’t be able to resist reading the story because you will have to know what happens. Two great reads!

As of 01.04.18, Jack of Hearts and King of Clubs are both available with Kindle Unlimited.

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