KU Sunday Spotlight by KUBR + OCA

Happy Sunday, fellow book lovers! It’s time for the KU Sunday Spotlight, brought to you by KU Book Reviews + the One-Click Addict Support Group. This week, I’m taking a look at an anthology that benefits a worthy cause—one that is close to my heart, one that reaches me on a personal level, and one that affects far too many. So, here goes . . .


How do you let an angel with paper wings fly?
You must first tell her goodbye. ~ Regarding Ryker

If only for the excellent cause that the Begin Again Anthology benefits should you buy this book. I feel like I need to make that clear—all proceeds of this collection of 22 short stories goes to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and NAMI. It’s a worthy cause. However, it’s also a worthy book.


I haven’t read all of the stories as of yet—I plan to indulge myself when I need something emotional, hopeful, and quick—but what I’ve already read? Love. So, with that said, I am going to focus this review on them. They alone are easily worth the one-click cost.

I started with Anne Jolin’s Regarding Ryker, a Rock Falls Legacy prequel short story. It was the shortest of the three I read and still, impactful. It was sweet and closed on something of a cliffhanger and, given that I’m already a fan of Ms. Jolin’s, was more than enough to whet my appetite for the fully story. If you’re not already a fan, however, never fear. The introduction of Ryker + Addison is engaging enough to set you on the path toward becoming one.

Jack was like an eclipse; he blinded me if I stared at him too long. ~ Falling

From Regarding Ryker, I moved to Falling by Stephanie Rose. That there is so much goodness packed into one little story is impressive. It had moments both lighthearted and deep, it had characters familiar and new, and it had feeling. It was rewarding and satisfying—though it would also be immensely satisfying to revisit Jack + Danielle in greater length—and, I confess, I have already grown attached. Which, really, is a feat in and of itself.

I wasn’t sure what would be able to follow Falling, given that I had become attached. And then there was The Part of Me That Isn’t You by K.P. Haigh. You may not have heard of Ms. Haigh, but I love her—as an author and as a human. And it’s her humanity—her very real grip on grief and anger and forgiveness—that shines in this touching short. Of the three I read, this story hit me hardest of all. It, like the others in Begin Again, is about second chances and moving on and finding hope, and much of its impact is in its brevity. Every word holds meaning because it has to—there are too few to be able to dwell.

But dwell, I am. Mostly on how important this anthology feels. How moving it is that our community has come together to help others. I feel it every time I see—and one-click—a charity anthology. Pride in this crazy book world and in the knowledge that when you Buy It, you’re doing it not just for your own enjoyment, but for someone else, too.

Can we do it all again? Maybe this time, when we get to the end, I’ll be ready. ~ The Part of Me That Isn’t You

As of 01.14.2018, Begin Again is available with Kindle Unlimited. All proceeds will be donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and NAMI, so please consider one-clicking for a GREAT cause.

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