The Boy Friend and Explicitly Yours by Mika Jolie


“Friends yesterday, lovers today, soulmates tomorrow.”

boyfriendRecently, I have been in the mood for a book that is more rom-com than intense read. It seems like I’ve had a few of those of late, and I needed a reset. Which is why I was thrilled to find Mika Jolie’s The Boy Friend, along with the follow-up novella, Explicitly Yours. I’ve had some friends tell me I needed to pick these up for a while and I am so glad I did!

Cori + Dean’s story is told from Dean’s point of view, which I found completely refreshing. I don’t read a lot of male POV and Dean had a totally different take on the story. He’s a cocky alpha male who only realizes he’s in love with his best friend when she decides she’s ready to settle down and get serious about dating. I found myself laughing at the crazy thoughts that came from Dean. He was terrified of his feelings for Cori, that they might lead to the end of the lifestyle that he had always loved. The POV was done perfectly, and his thoughts and words were something I can totally see a guy saying.

explicityCori is a fierce woman who knows what she wants, and when she decides she is ready to settle down, she goes for it. She’s the one who pushes Dean past their boundaries and takes a chance on crossing the friend line. She is so brave to take that step, not knowing what would happen to their 20-year friendship. She was such a likable character and, when she kissed Dean, I definitely cheered her on.

The Boy Friend might have made me laugh, but it gave me all the feels, too. Yes, Dean is cocky and over the top, but watching him come to the realization that what he’s always wanted was in right front of him all along was incredibly fun. I loved watching Cori + Dean discover they were each other’s “lobster”. And yes, that is a Friends reference used in the book. Love that!

If you’re like me—meaning you can’t wait to see Cori + Dean’s happily ever after—you’ll want to jump into Explicitly Yours, where we get to see them tie the knot and face the first bump in their road together. It was the perfect novella to wrap up their story.

Cori + Dean have a great supporting cast of friends, and I’d love to jump back into this world if they get their own stories. I know they are begging to be told!

As of 01.16.18, The Boy Friend and Explicitly Yours are available with Kindle Unlimited.

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