My Enemy Next Door by Whitney G. and Nicole London


“I had to force myself not to look you up and find you after we fell apart,” he said. “But I still thought about all the things we used to do, all the time.”

I swear, I didn’t mean to read My Enemy Next Door in one sitting. Just a couple of chapters, I told myself, to get a feel for the writing of Whitney G. and Nicole London. After all, they’re both new-to-me authors. {Yes, I know, I’m way behind.}

But guys, I simply could not stop reading this book. It was so good—so effortlessly enjoyable—that I kept thinking one more chapter until there were no more chapters. Which, honestly, makes me a little sad . . .


In a good way, though. I really connected with—and rooted for—Jace + Courtney. I loved seeing their enemy stage, the petty fights and pranks, as much as I loved the flashbacks to their before.

I’ve always been a big fan of second chance romance and, though there are a couple of small mistakes here and there, they’re easily overlooked in the face of a story that is all the good things about my favorite trope. Namely, a sweet and believable back story; a redeemable hero and likable heroine; chemistry that jumps from the page; a balanced mix of humor and heat; and, the kicker, feels.

My Enemy Next Door might not be super long but it’s definitely long enough to be additive as hell—not to mention a well-written and well-rounded story that is effortlessly {and happily} read in one sitting.

“I only want to start ‘us’ again if it’ll feel the same.”
“It won’t.” He leaned close and kissed my lips until I couldn’t breathe. “It’ll feel better .”

As of 01.23.2018, My Enemy Next Door is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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