Bright Lights Duet by Tia Louise


under the lightsWhen I picked up book one of Tia Louise’s Bright Lights duet, Under the Lights, I was in no way prepared for the dark, shocking and twisty second chance romance I was about to embark on. It held me completely spellbound as I read about the seedy existence of this club in New Orleans where Lara starred in a Burlesque show and Mark fell in love at first sight . . .

My heart broke for Lara who, at just 19, was trying to be a mom to a little girl she found on the streets, while providing for them both by doing whatever she had to. When Mark came to work at the theater, the Dark Angel captivated him like no other. From there, the twists and turns throughout kept me on the edge of my seat, while the slow burn romance that took place between these two had me holding my breath, waiting for the other shoe to drop. And as for the cliffy at the end of book one—well, it simply made me anxious to start Under the Stars.

under the starsThis is a story about survivors; each and every character is one. The protectiveness and ability to still find the light when they’ve only ever lived in the darkness gave me so much hope that Mark + Lara would overcome the past—and the danger that lurked in the shadows.

Their story was a great read, one I could not put down, and as Mark + Lara and their friends formed their own family and took care of one another, the secondary characters—like Molly and Roland—had me aching for more.

This unlikely group of heroes grabbed my attention from the beginning, and Bright Lights is a raw and angsty duet that brought me to tears more than once.  Make sure you allow enough time to read both books back to back because you won’t want to put them down!!!

As of 01.25.18, the Bright Lights duet is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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