Tristan by Karla Sorensen


“When I kiss you, Anna, when I touch you, really touch you, it will be because you’re ready to give me your heart. When you’re mine.”

tristanIT. IS. FINALLY. HERE. I feel like I’ve waited forever for Tristan’s story! Karla Sorensen’s Bachelors of the Ridge series has been one of my favorites, but the most intriguing guy has always been Tristan, which is why I couldn’t wait for his story. Well, my friends . . . Tristan is here and he does not disappoint.

Tristan’s unrequited love for Anna has intrigued me from the very beginning of the series. How could this man fall for a married woman and not be able to move on? Ms. Sorensen does such an amazing job of getting into Tristan’s head and describing his feelings and his vulnerabilities that I couldn’t help but fall in love with him as he fought to do what was right for Anna. When he finds out she left her husband, he lets her discover who she is on her own and becomes her friend. He loves her so deeply that he won’t take advantage of any situation. He wants to make sure she is ready for a long-term relationship when he tells her how he feels.

Guys, when my daughter falls in love, I hope it’s with a man like Tristan who will always put her first. Once she is old enough, I will be pulling out this book and telling her she needs to read it because this is what she is looking for when she falls in love.

Honestly, though, I was always a little baffled by Anna. At how she could stay in a loveless marriage and not realize that Tristan was pining for her. But Tristan opened my eyes to a woman who continued to live a life she didn’t want because change is hard. Anna is actually very relatable and I cheered her on when she finally walked away from a loveless marriage and took a chance at finding her true happily ever after.

These characters have forever embedded themselves into my heart. Ms. Sorensen definitely saved the best for last with Anna + Tristan’s story. Each of the books in the Bachelors of the Ridge series can be read as a standalone, but believe me when I say you will want to start from the beginning!

As of 01.30.18, Tristan is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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