Halfling by Adrian Wolfe


Halfling coverI decided to talk about a paranormal book today. It’s out of the norm for me to pick up a paranormal romance, though I’m not sure why since I love shows like Charmed and so many others. So, when Adrian Wolfe talked to me about reading her debut book, Halfling, I decided to give it a try—and I didn’t regret a minute of it!

Layla doesn’t discover she is a witch until her 18th birthday. She is adopted into a coven of witches who quickly become her family and, when demons come knocking on the door offering protection from a witch killer, Layla is drawn instantly to Hunter. In that respect, Halfling reminded me so much of Charmed in that a witch falls head over heels for a demon, even though it’s not an accepted relationship.

I was wrapped up in Layla finding out who she truly was and discovering what it felt like to experience love for the first time. The talk of a “true mate” made me giggle a little each time since I don’t read a lot of paranormal, but I could see how strong the bond between Hunter + Layla was, and what a “true mate” really meant in this world. Their fierce protectiveness and love for each other really made this such a good love story.

It really was fun to get lost with this great group of characters in a world of witches and demons. The witches are strong leading ladies; the demons are swoony guys who are begging to be your next book boyfriend. There is not a lot of heat in this book, but the story kept me entertained and I will definitely continue on in the series. I’d absolutely recommend taking a journey with Halfling.

As of 02.01.18, Halfling is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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