Found by Claudia Burgoa


foundDo you have those series that make you giddy with excitement when the characters you love FINALLY get their own book? I feel like I’ve waited forever for Hazel + Scott’s story to be told. And, in Claudia Burgoa’s Found, I finally got my wish.

This book invoked a lot of emotions for me. Hazel + Scott have been close for years and crossed over that line but, when Hazel pushes for more, Scott cuts her off. Needing a fresh start, Hazel moves back home to San Francisco to start her life over, but what she doesn’t expect is to walk right into her past—her ex-husband Elliott, waiting for her and ready to claim his soulmate.

I’m giving you only a brief overview because these three characters completely wrecked me! I felt for each of them and cried for Hazel as she made the toughest choice of her life. Perhaps the biggest heartbreak is that Hazel’s makeshift family is Scott’s family, adding the soul-crushing burden of potentially breaking more than just her own heart.

I loved Hazel in the other two books in this series. She’s feisty and stops at nothing for the people that she loves, even as she battles a depression so deep, it threatens to consume her. Scott has been her best friend and confidant for years, and he captured my heart as he gave his heart to Hazel . . . no matter the cost. I was totally #teamscott through the book.

I cried big crocodile tears for Hazel + Scott, and for Elliott, the love of Hazel’s life until he crushed her and never fought for her. Sometimes youth and immaturity hinder us more than we know and it’s only in looking back that we see what we should have done.

This has been one of my favorite reads of the year so far. If you are in the mood for a good cry and a lot of emotion, you need to read Found. And, a side note for those of you that are wary of a love triangle: there is no cheating in this book. Instead, it’s a story about closing one chapter, only to open another—whatever it might be.

As of 02.08.18, Found is available with Kindle Unlimited.

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