Desire by Design by Thea Dawson


“I can’t remember now if we left it as you were fired or you were hired .”
“Hired. So you could go all alpha male on me and boss me around .”

A couple of weeks ago, I discovered a treasure trove of old PMs in a spam folder over at Panda & Boodle {which, for those that don’t know, is my blog}. I read each one—replied with apologies since some were over a year old—and grabbed a couple of the books that piqued my interest.

Which is how I came to read Desire by Design by Thea Dawson. The author had actually contacted me about book two in the Silverweed Falls series, Acting on Impulse, but as good as it looked, I wanted to start at the start—not just a little bit because it was about two single parents. Because single dads in particular are one of my weaknesses.


There was just something so relatable about this book. Far from billionaires and rockstars and motorcycle gangs, Richard + Celia are very much normal people in their mid-thirties, just trying to make ends meet and be the best parents they can be. It’s endearing and it’s addictive—I was nearly three-quarters of the way through before I knew it.

I was also nearly in tears a couple of times without realizing how much this book was getting to me. There’s a level of grief underscoring the lives of Richard + Celia, and the way it touched the lives of their children spoke to my mother’s heart. But, to balance it out, there’s also a lot of light-heartedness, which made smiling as likely as sniffling, and that’s a damn good thing.

So, I’m sure you’re wondering why not Buy It, and honestly, it was a struggle to settle on a rating. I feel like this is the kind of book that will feel very real to a lot of romance readers—maybe even, at times, like looking in a mirror. However, I also worry it’s not for some—and there were a few errors along the way that stuttered my reading, and I just . . . I don’t even know. Even now I am second-guessing myself.

Regardless of whether you buy it or borrow it, I would encourage you to read this book. It’s worth your money and your time. Because, although this is just my first book by Ms. Dawson, she’s already found a fan in me—which makes me very glad I found that long-lost message.

“ . . . believe it or not, I don’t keep condoms in my office. I really do just work here .”

As of 02.20.2018, Desire by Design and Acting on Impulse are available with Kindle Unlimited.

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